Watahan Trading Co., Ltd. sells and imports / exports pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food ingredients, etc.

Corporate information


代表取締役社長 有賀 博

Since our establishment, we have maintained the venture and challenge spirits and have responded sincerely to customers with the object of being a company that can contribute to society. In 2010, we became a subsidiary of Watahan Group and are playing a role in diversification. Fortunately, we will pass our 50th anniversary in July 2015. Special thanks to our business partners for support and cooperation.

Based on our business philosophy of Watahan Group “Sprit of Evolution”, we will continue to challenge the development of new products we can contribute to people’s desire for beautiful, healthy and pleasant life. We also will put more effort on achieving quality stability and service improvement.

Especially in the sales department, we will enforce customer creed. Each sales person as the product development personnel consults closely with customers and provides products that meet customer needs and sales to the market and we aspire to becoming a company to be trusted by our customers.

We would like to express our gratitude for your continuing support.

Hiroshi Ariga, President

Management philosophy

We contribute to people’s desire for beautiful, healthy and pleasant life