Watahan Trading Co., Ltd. sells and imports / exports pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food ingredients, etc.

Corporate information


Watahan Trading Co., Ltd

Establishment 7th July in 1965
Capital 45,472,000 Yen
Board of Directors
Senior Chairman
Isamu Nohara
Vice Chairman
Tetsuro Nagata
Hiroshi Ariga
Hiroyuki Onishi
Go Iwamoto
Main Banks The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi., Ltd. Yotsuya Branch
The Hachijuni Bank., Ltd. Shinjuku Branch
Mizuho Bank., Ltd. Yotsuya Branch
A settling day 31 March
Employees 41
Line of Business (1) Manufactures of following products: Pharmaceuticals raw materials, Veterinary drugs, Clinical diagnostic reagents, Industrial chemicals, Vegetable wax.
(2) Sales and Import & Export of Pharmaceuticals, Animal drugs, Industrial chemicals, Cosmetics and these raw materials.
(3) Sales and Import & Export of Clinical diagnostics reagents and Feed additives of animal.
(4) Sales and Import & Export of Chemical and Medical instruments and Water processing instruments.
(5) Sales and Import & Export of Petro-Chemical and Mineral products.
(6) Sales and Import & Export of Oil and Fat, Resin and Wax.
(7) Sales and Import & Export of Food, Food Additives and Pigments.
(8) Sales and Import & Export of Cosmetics and Daily necessities miscellaneous goods.
(9) Sales and Import of Agriculture, Gardening products and these raw materials.
(10) Sales and Import & Export of Alcoholic beverages.
Licence of Business Manufacture licence of pharmaceuticals (Package, Labeling, Storage)
Manufacture licence of Veterinary pharmaceuticals (Package, Labeling, Storage)
Wholesale distribution licence of pharmaceuticals
Wholesale licence of drugs for veterinary
General sales licence of poisons and deterious substances
Import licence of poisonnous and deterious substances
Manufacture licence of pharmaceuticals
Belonging Groups The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japan Pharmaceutical Traders' Association
Kansai Pharmaceutical Industries Association
International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Japan
Kanagawa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Japan Cosmetics Suppliers Association
Kinki Cosmetic Materials Association
The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan
Hair Scientists Association
Council for Responsible Nutrition of Japan
Japan Food Additives Association
Wax Industry Association of Japan
Japan Cosmetic Licensing Association
Tokyo Cosmetic Industry Association
Yokohama Plant Protection Association
Kobe Plant Quarantine Association
Tokai Plant Quarantine Association
Tokyo Plant Quarantine Association
Kyushu Plant Quarantine Association