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We keep natural environment together with local residents

70% of our products in Chemical Division are sustainable and functional natural plant extracts origin in Mexico. We provide different kind of products for cosmetics and health foods original from these raw materials.

The raw material for chewing gum of which is formulated in the gum base "Chicle", is origin in jungle region in southern Mexico where is the second biggest oxygen generated area in the world right after Amazon region. People used to heve a Slash-and -burn farming for their living in the past, but now, a new industry of sustainable and functional natural products has built to support their economy and also to sustain the oxygen generation as well.

We do contribut to protect the natural environment under the "protection-of-natural resources-law" of Mexico.
Handling products
Peatmoss Peatmoss is the decomposed material made from organics such as mosses, reeds, carex and shrubs, which have been deposited for over hundreds of years.
Made mainly in Canada, northern Europe, Russsia.
Product Name Product Information Applications
Natural Peatmoss After sun-dried, the harvested peatmoss is screened by required grain sizes, and becomes the 100% natural and organic soil improvement material.
It's excellent at water retention and fertilizer-holding ability, widely used as materials for all kinds of plants' growing soils.
Material for the potting and growing soils
Soil improvement purpose
Mixed Peat Substrates Peatmoss mixed with other Soil improvement materials and fertilizers. This is used as growing soil and can be adjusted depending on the plants conditions. Growing soils for flowers and vegetables
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera The plant of Liliaceae.
Scientific name
[Aloe barbadensis Miller]
Product Name Product Information Applications
Aloe Vera Powder
Without any additives 100% pure Aloe Vera water soluble powder, using Aloe Vera of Mexican origin. Production process:After removing Aloin, only mucin matter squeezed and lyophilized, then, concentrated up to 200 times. For food/health food products:Aloe Vera extract
For cosmetics: Aloe liquid dried powder(2)
Aloe Vera Gel M Aloe Vera extract, reconstituted (1:1) in Japan by dilution of 200 times with purified water, using Aloe Vera powder (200:1). Paraben is added as antioxidant. For cosmetics: Aloe extract(2)
Agave It becomes materials of the specialty alcohol tequila of Mexico.
Department agave
Product Name Product Information Applications
Agave Syrup Organic natural syrop with golden color,extracted from Agave of Agavaceae which is the raw material of Mexico's special product "Tequila". It contains more than 65% of fructose. For food / health food products
Candelilla Mexico specialties Euphorbia Antisyphillitica
Product Name Product Information Applications
Refined Candelilla Wax
Various refined
grades available
Refined vegetable wax, extracted from Candelilla plant (Euphorbia Antisyphillitica and Pedilanthus Pavonis). Comparing with other vegetable waxes, it is abundant in hydrocarbon and resin.It is also more excellent about the solidity and gloss. Various refined grades available for different uses. For food: Candelilla wax
For cosmetics: Candelilla wax
For the field of information recording materials
Quillaja Quillaja saponaria Molina
Product Name Product Information Applications
Quillaja ULTRA Ultrafiltered Quillaja extracts with removal of saccharoids, salts and other low molecular substances. Comparing Quillaja extract, it has improvements of its color, odor, taste, etc. For food: Quillaja extracts as emulsifier
For industrial use: film, sensitive paper, cleanser
For other uses: dispersing agent for vaccines, foaming fire extinguisher
Jojoba Simmondsia chinensis
Product Name Product Information Applications
Deodorized Jojoba
Deodorized Liquid wax with golden color, refined in Japan after its import, using the original liquid wax extracted from Mexican Jojoba seeds (Simmondsia chinensis) cold press method. Product M with about Gardner8and M-1with about Gardner4. For cosmetics: Jojoba oil
For industrial use
(Refined Jojoba Oil)
Refined Jojoba oil of high quality without low fatty acid and low alcohol, deodorized and decolorized by molecular distillation in Japan. Description of this product:liquid wax with less than color APHA 50. For cosmetics: Jojoba oil
For industrial use
Hydrogenated Jojoba
Oil M-1
White solid substance with melting point at about 70°, refined and stabilized by hydrogenation to cut double bond in Japan, using the original Mexican Jojoba liquid wax. Its DSC chart is very sharp and has about 5 Klein units of micropenetration at 200°. For cosmetics:Hydrogenated Jojoba oil
Yucca Yucca Schidigera
Product Name Product Information Applications
DK Sarasaponin
(Various grades for
animal feed available)
100% Natural powder made entirely from the destroyed and dried stem of Yucca Schidigera plant of Agavaceae in Mexico. Each grade differs in ratio of its effective ingredient "TDYS" (soluble solid substance). For agriculture, it is effective in increasing microbiological activity in soil and result in a lower rate of fertilizer and pesticide applications. For animal feed, It is effective in reducing lipid, ammonia levels, other objectionable odors and increasing immunity. For agriculture
For animal feed
(Yucca Extract)
Concentraded liquid up to more than Brix 50° in cool, extract squeezed from the stem of Yucca Schidiegera under cold pressure. As a preservative,0.1% Sodium Benzoate is added. For food industry,it is principally effective to be used as emulsifier and foaming agent. For drainage use, it is useful as an activator of bacteria in sewage disposable. It is also used for agriculture and animal feed. For food
For agriculture
For animal feed
For drainage and sewage disposal:activator of bacteria
Yucca Extract Powder Spray-dried powder of FOAMATION 50, substituting about 50% of water with dextrin. Its ingredient is the same as FOAMATION 50 and its effective component is steroidal saponin. For food
For health food products
Yucca Sarasaponin
Yucca Sarasaponin
Saponin extract powder, made entirely from the stem of Yucca Schidigera plant with aqueous alcohol. Saponin contents:45∼55% for Yucca Sarasaponin 50-M and more than 80% for Yucca Sarasaponin 80-M.Efficacy of Yucca Saponin: 1. Lipid reduction(Pat.), 2. Inhibition of physical fat accumlation, 3. Reduction of cholesterol / Increase of HDL, 4. Increase of beneficial bacteria in intestine,  5. Prevention against arthritis, 6. Reduction of ammonia levels and other objectionable odor, 7. Antibacterial action against nematodes and blastomycetes, 8. Inhibition of tyrosinase activity ( inhibition of melanogenesis ) / Reported on UV screen action etc. Further utility expected in various field. For food
For health food products
Other handiling products
MIGLYOL, WITEPSOL with various grades, PARAFOL
Our own products Squalane with electromagnetic treatment
Direct imports
from Mexico
Orange honey, Hamamelis water, EST-25
Other imports Chlorella G Powder, Chlorella Extract