Watahan Trading Co., Ltd. sells and imports / exports pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food ingredients, etc.

Pharmaceutical D/P

We have unique technology and stable supply of materials

We have been not only importing pharmaceutical raw materials and bulk drugs but also working in the development of useful and new drug for the future by cooperation of manufacturing section in our laboratory.

Power corresponding to needs of the society

Power corresponding to needs of the society.

In the pharmaceutical department,suppository base,synthesis peptide and general medicine are imported.
Also,we import a raw material of urine origin and manufacture the source for medicine used in fertility treatment in our own laboratory.It is used as an injection solution by pharmaceutical companies.

Handling products

From products with more than 50 years' history to new products

Contact us for niche products also versatile APIs

Various Pharmaceutical APIs

Dalteparin Sodium, Heparin Sodium, Acetaminophen (Paracetamol), Synthetic Peptides, Hormone materials, Steroids, et cetera

IOI Oleo products

Suppository Bases, various Pharmaceutical Excipients

In vitro diagnostic reagents materials

Rabbit Serum, et cetera

Various raw materials for Veterinary Medicinal Products


International Agents and Distributors

As the exclusive distributor of overseas manufacturing companies in Japan, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities from import , sales to quality assurance and stable supply.


IOI Oleo GmbH
Dynamit Nobel GmbH etc


C S Bio Co.


Granules India Limited etc


Symbiotica Speciality Ingredients Sdn. Bhd.


Shandong Topscience Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Renjian Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd.